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We Make Custom Countertops in Oakville

At Granite Kings, we provide fabrication and installation for granite custom countertops in Oakville and surrounding areas. We want to make the process of having granite installed for your home or commercial project quick and convenient. We have outlined our process from estimate to installation for you. Want to know more about the benefits of using this natural material? Check out our frequently asked questions .

Many homeowners enjoy a custom countertop because it adds beauty and character to their home. This is why we specialize in making aesthetically pleasing customized counter tops made of granite or quartz. They offer a timeless elegance to your kitchen and a durable finish that will last for years to come.

Along with the aesthetic value, many of our customers prefer our custom countertops in Oakville and surrounding areas due to how well they wear over time. Due to its durable nature, a granite countertop is highly resistant to scratching, cuts, heat marks and other types of common damage. What’s more, the surfaces don’t stain, meaning that even the messiest of cooks won’t have to worry about spilling various liquids and other cooking or baking materials.

The good news is that if you choose to sell your home after having granite countertops installed, they’ll increase the value of your home and will make an excellent impression on prospective buyers!

Request an Estimate

Please call us or email us, and we will be glad to come by to measure your cabinets and provide you with a bid for fabrication and installation of granite countertops. Our installed price for granite countertops varies based on the colour, edge option, size of the project, and location of the job site.

Colour Selection

Granite, engineered stone and quartz are available in various colours. See some of our selection on the granite page . You may also visit our showroom to see samples.

Cook Top

Please have the cook top (including downdraft if applicable) at the job site at the time of installation. We do not cut based on specification sheets provided by the manufacturer.

Faucet Holes

Please mark the granite for the location and number of faucet holes. Faucet holes are made on the job site. Standard faucet hole size is 1-3/8" and 2" holes for computer desks. Please let us know ahead of time if you need holes drilled for computer wiring.


All cut-outs for drop in sinks and vessel sinks (over mount sink) are made in the shop using our CNC stone router. Please have the sinks at the job site at the time of templating. Please request your plumbing company to ship the sink to us, or we can arrange to pick up sinks if they are available locally. All cut-outs for the under mount sinks are made in the fabrication shop. We do make cut-outs based on templates or specification sheets.


Granite slabs are produced in 8’ lengths. However, slabs in some colours are available up to 10’ long. Seams will be placed on long runs and are based on the size of the slabs, location of the cook top, sinks, dishwasher, and other variables. We go to great lengths to minimize the number of seams. Please discuss with our template personnel regarding seam location.


We offer various types of edges that will complement your granite selection. We will be glad to accommodate any other type of edge option that you may need.


We will set up an appointment to template your job after you have made a colour selection and have accepted our bid.


All of our granite countertops are sealed at our factory. Engineered stone countertops and quartz do not need to be sealed.


A 50% payment is required at the time of confirmation of the project and the remaining balance is due upon completion.

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